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Good vs. Bad

There are many well designed websites out there. I had a difficult time trying to find ones I didn’t like. Some of the ones that I use a lot and like are Google and Bank of America. I use both of these very often. For me they are easy to navigate through, and I find what I need very quickly. The websites also look professional and, clean. What you see is your first impression of anything. If you see a website that looks like a cluttered mess, there is a good chance you probably won’t stay and look through the webpage. I did find one website that I didn’t like and that was Ritz Camera. This website looked a little cluttered to me. I was trying to look through the website to buy certain things for a class and I just didn’t have any luck. It was hard to navigate through and I ended up not being on the site for very long. A lot of people base their first impressions on what they see and if they do not like what they see there is a good chance that they will not give it a chance.




website usability

From reading this article I come to understand that it is very important to be organized before creating a web page. If you do not keep things organized before creating the html, it becomes difficult to keep your thoughts and ideas together. When you do sketches and have things kind of layed out before you do the html you are more likely to do a better job and really try to get the web page how you really want it. Another important tip is to try and use different sorting strategies such as, alphabetical, chronologically, by type, hierarchy, spatially, or by magnitude. When you try to sort your information try to use two types of sorting and see which one actually works better. Next, you want to make sure that you can access the home page from any page! This makes it easier to navigate through the website. You want to make it easy to navigate so that the person searching through does not get over whelmed or confused with that they are looking at. These are just a few tips that came from this article but, I found it very helpful.


Hello! My name is Courtney and I am in my third year at Stevenson University. My major is Visual Communication Design and my focus within that is Graphic Design. I am pretty excited about the classes I am taking this semester especially web design. I think it will be interesting to learn about web pages and how to make them considering I do not know how. I like to learn new things and I believe that is why I am excited for my classes.

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