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Good vs. Bad

There are many well designed websites out there. I had a difficult time trying to find ones I didn’t like. Some of the ones that I use a lot and like are Google and Bank of America. I use both of these very often. For me they are easy to navigate through, and I find what I need very quickly. The websites also look professional and, clean. What you see is your first impression of anything. If you see a website that looks like a cluttered mess, there is a good chance you probably won’t stay and look through the webpage. I did find one website that I didn’t like and that was Ritz Camera. This website looked a little cluttered to me. I was trying to look through the website to buy certain things for a class and I just didn’t have any luck. It was hard to navigate through and I ended up not being on the site for very long. A lot of people base their first impressions on what they see and if they do not like what they see there is a good chance that they will not give it a chance.




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