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PDD and Wireframe

High Priority

FAAN: The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network

The logo should appear on every page to keep consistency and to have brand recognition.

Main Navigation Links: About Us/Education/ Awareness/Research/Advocacy/Allergens/Media Center

The links should have a consistent feel and should be the same throughout all of the pages. It will be easier for the reader to navigate through the site, because they know where and what to look for when they want to change from page to page.

Image Slideshow

FAAN will provide images to create a slide show of current things that are going on. The purpose is show awareness of food allergies and reminding people around the holidays of food allergies.

Medium Priority

Message: Awareness of Food Allergies and anaphylaxis

Show awareness and was to help with people with food allergies.

Low Priority






Furture of the Web

I can see the future of the web being big. It is already becoming huge and a big part of our daily lives. As we progress in the future there are so many more things we can do with the web. You can find anything you want, when you want. Looking back when I was younger we had one computer in our house and I went to just a few websites, but it wasn’t anything special. That was only the beginning. It is fascinating to see how the web has grown. I will be even more interested to see what it will become in the future. I see it becoming our lives. This could be a good or a bad thing, but I believe it will not be all bad.

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