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Design Theory IV

The client, the audience and the designer all play important roles in the process of communication. I don’t really know if you could say there is a central role. Each role is played off each other. The client has to talk to the designer and figure out what the clients needs are. The designer then needs to figure out how to convey the message with an effective design as well. The designer needs to also think about the audience it is pointed towards, because you need to know how to convey a message that is appropriate for the audience. For example if you want an ad for cleaning supplies and you want to point it towards women, then you won’t want to have a hot women cleaning a car with the supplies because you know a man would be more likely to watch that than women. Once you get the designer figures out how to convey the message it is then up to the audience how it is perceived. Hopefully it is perceived how the client wanted it to be.

The Shannon and Weaver Process shows the process of communication. It is described by:

Information Source -> Transmitter -> Noise Source -> Receiver -> Destination

This process illustrates how the client, the audience, and the designer work together.


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