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Design Theory IV

Can designers work outside ‘culture’ or must they always be a part of it?

Culture is a big part of design. I feel like through things we know and see everyday would be a good way of getting a message across. Thinking about it, a designer could probably venture out and work outside of culture but it might not have the same effect as working with culture. Mass culture is a part of everyone and really is an effective way of designing. When advertising you need to keep in mind people’s needs. Your thinking about culture, where they come from, what they do, and how they feel.

In the blog I read below, the author goes over points in culture where it can effect designing. For example in India most people are just focused on getting by and not about the details, whereas, in American and Europe we have those luxuries or details that we can focus on, because we have homes, food, and jobs. So when designing in India they focus more on the big picture rather than the fine details. The author interviewed people at schools and found that they focus more on the final product rather than design thinking and the process to get to the final product. By not being able to have the process or design thinking will most definitely effect the final product. This is how people in India most think because of the culture and the way they live.


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