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Web Design II – Designing from the Content Out

In chapter 16 it talks about how you can design from the content out. This would be to design your site according to the content that you want to display. You could start by designing that part of the page that will hold the content. This would help ensure that you can work your way out. Starting to code the content right away will help build the site around it. When the content code is finished, do a quick sketch and build your navigation and footer next. More than likely it will be on the outskirts of the content.

Building a site from the inside out is good when you want to focus mainly on your content. The design will pull you right into the content, where you can read what you need to read.

In the article I read below it describes some ways to improve your design around content. To start, your headlines are one of the first things you see one a page, some headlines will be more dominate than others depending on the type of website it is. For example if it was a blog or news site you might want to have a little more enticing headline. Image sliders and galleries are another major part of content and is used very much in the web. They are best displayed on the home page. As for the text of the page, you want it to be readable and getting outside opinions on color scheme, font, or size will help with readability. But the dark text on a light background with average size font is the best for readability. There are some other tips listed such as gathering user information, reduce distractions, and using smaller graphics.


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