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Web II: @fontface

When you are making a website, sometimes you just want to use your own fonts. Fonts that find the style of the webpage. Now you can by using @fontface. @fontface allows you to use a font that is available on the web. The only thing with @font have is that not all web browsers support it. This is still a new idea, also there is still licensing issues that are working out. THere is another way of using fonts from the web without licensing issues in the way. In the book there is an example of a website called typekit. This site allows you to embed fonts on your webpage. Another example of this kind of website is google fonts. this website allows you to embed fonts in your webpage.there are many fonts to choose from so you can pick fonts for your body and headlines. This website has no licensing problems with doing this. By using google fonts or typekit it allows you to style your website how you want and it works with all web browsers. Typekit and google also provides back up fonts so that if the font you want doesn’t shoe up on the particular computer that it will have another that is similar. This helps ensure that you do not mess up the look and feel of the website.


Design Theory IV: Design

Can you explain why design is worth studying? Can anyone be a designer?

Design is worth studying because without design everything would be different. The whole world of advertising and design would either be non-existent or just completely different. People probably would care as much about how things looked. Everything would just be a cliche or straight to the point. There would be no “wow” factor to anything. I feel like everything would be dull and boring without design. To study design and learning how the concepts work with the message really is something you need to learn and study. Not everyone is a designer and the people that are not start to give regular people terrible designs that should never have been released in the first place. The fact is you need to study design to be able to completely understand how this field works.

In the link below, there are these two people having a debate whether anyone can be a designer. The one man states that people make decisions every day and most people think they are entitled to make decisions about good and bad design. The other man said that design is not about problem solving it is about consumer choice. He also states that if everyone were to act like designers then everyone might have a better understanding of design and how it works.

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